La Chocolata

Convenience never
tasted this divine

When you want to pamper yourself or your loved ones. When you want to take a small break from a usually hectic day. When you simply want a little smile.
We always have the perfectly sweet moment for you.

A truffle from Belgium, a caramel from Rome, a bonbon from Paris – we’ve saved you the journey and brought all of the world’s finest chocolatiers to a single location. Enter the La Chocolata experience.

At the touch of a button, have a peek inside each box, get recommendations tailored to your tastes – and smile as your selection is instantly delivered in a delightfully delicious box, wrapped to perfection.
At La Chocolata, our scrumptious premium chocolates have been individually hand-picked with love.All you have to do is choose the sweet moment you crave to make any occasion complete.

Make any day great. Celebrate the sweet moments of life with a bite of La Chocolata.

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